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Targeted help to Ukrainians who faced the war 

Russian aggression against Ukraine has impacted the lives of millions of Ukrainians. Due to the heavy destruction of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine people oftentimes are deprived of access to basic resources such as accommodation, food, water, or medications. 


The key objective of our work is to alleviate the suffering of Ukrainians by facilitating the delivery of essential aid.


By organizing engaging events and uniting like-minded people who stand for peace and human freedoms, we gather financial resources to fulfill our humanitarian program. 


We work with trusted charity organizations based in Ukraine to manage the delivery of the necessary help to local communities.

December 10, 2023

Holiday Warm-Up

Winter holiday fundraiser to support elderly people in Ukraine.

The raised funds were directed to fulfill the “Warmth Kits” campaign.

June 17, 2023

Sunset Party

A beautiful community get-together for an important cause.

The raised funds were directed toward an immediate response to the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the destruction of Kakhovka dam.

4 February, 2023

Kulbaba Launch

A day of personal connection & live music

With the magic of human connection we raised funds for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. 

23 July, 2022

Topanga Day Fest

Music festival in Topanga 

By hosting an open-air festival we raised funds for essential medical equipment in Ukraine.

April 24, 2022

Easter Brunch

Easter brunch to support children hospitals in Ukraine

By hosting a festive event we raised funds for maternity and children's health institutions in Ukraine.

19 March, 2022

Dumplings Brunch

Backyard fundraiser for maternity hospitals in Ukraine

By cooking Ukrainian food we raised funds for medical equipment that now works to save the lives of newborns in Ukraine.

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