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Topanga Day Fest

Music festival in Topanga

July 23, 2022


By hosting an open-air festival we raised funds for essential medical equipment in Ukraine.

At our family-friendly music festival in Topanga, CA, we brought together the local community to create a day filled with food, music, and engaging activities.

Over 120 attendees

20+ volunteers

> $9,000 raised


See how our festival went! Check out this video captured by VOA:



We directed the raised funds to sponsor a patient’s monitor and an obstetric bed for Nikopol maternity hospital. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, this medical facility has been operating in unbelievably tough conditions. The hospital staff are working at their utmost capacity as refugee mothers from the eastern part of Ukraine are seeking help.


You can find detailed reports about the fulfillment of this project on the webpage of our partner organization – a Ukrainian-based charity platform:

We are forever grateful to our volunteers and performers who dedicated their time and energy to make this event a success:

Mediation session by Liana

Music by: Susan Lucas, Vsiudysvoia, valentina cy, Zeraphina Quenby, Radiant Reveries

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