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Kulbaba Launch

A day of personal connection & live music

Feb 4, 2023

With the magic of human connection we raised funds for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. 

Kulbaba community got together to experience the Magic of Human Connection workshop hosted by Jessica Encell Coleman. During this profoundly fun and transformative session, we tapped into the infinite love that exists inside of us and all around us. 

150 attendees
> $16,000 raised

Following the workshop, our guests enjoyed a selection of home-cooked treats accompanied by drinks from our generous sponsors – Juneshine and Liquid Death.

After dinner, we indulged in live music performances by Agnes Azria and Widows Gold. A celebrity Ukrainian artist Alina Pash ensured an emotional grand finale of the event with her energizing show.

This day was filled with love and fun resulting in substantial help for people in Ukraine. 


The raised funds were directed to sponsor the “Basket of Care” campaign – the delivery of food baskets to internally displaced children and elderly people who are left alone during the war. This initiative is fulfilled in partnership with Kyiv-Volunteer – a Ukraininian-based charity organization. 

But our impact goes beyond food delivery – one thousand hugs, one thousand smiles, one thousand moments filled with love!

Huge thanks to the talented artists, inspiring speakers, and brand partners who supported this fundraiser: 

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